Optorite DD0203 DVD+-RW

just installed my new Optorite DD0203 and flashed from 2.09 firmware to 2.16 using the windows installer (i have win xp home) the end of installations it said failed firmware update. But upon rebooting windows did recognize the drive and Nero Info tool it says version 2.16. I did burn a DVD+R and CD-R using Nero without any problem and also watched a dvd without problem. Do I have to worry about anything? How do I know that everything is OK and it did indeed update the firmware?

I’ve done the exact same thing , it passed ok , but the program hung when the computer was supposed to restart, I switched it off and reboted and it still burns fine so dont see any probs.

You culd check the first couple of copies you make using the cd/dvd check util to see if there are any burn errors !!!