Optorite dd0203 223 firmware what new?

Any one know what the firmware 223 adds to the optorite dd0203
I.e Is it worth flashing if you have 216

They don’t really say what has been changed, but It’s probably a good idea to update anyways.


I received this email from OptoRite:


New version of the firmware support more DVD media. Please look at http://www.optorite.com/dd0203.htm for a list of DVD media.

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OptoRite Support

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Subject: I would like a changelog for the Optorite dd0203 DVD burner

I would like to know what changes were made in the firmware for the Optorite DD0203 DVD burner. What issues were addressed? What indications should I look for to know whether this upgrade is important for me?


i just grabbed the 2.23 firmware for my msi dr4-a (effectively an optorite dd0203), and was looking for a list of what new media it can burn :slight_smile:

I found the manufacture proper website
with more info on these drives