Optorite DD0201 on Windows2000 - PLEASE HELP

I have been a proud owner of Optorite DD0201 (aka Generic dd0201) as long as I was on WinXP. The going has been a lil’ tough on Win2000 professional(servicepack - 4).

It was burning sonic DVD -R discs at 4X on WinXP like a charm after I updated the firmware and enabled DMA.
After I shifted to Win2000 Pro, its been burning only at 2X(same media).
I have updated Win2000 with service pack 4.
I update the firmware (version 2.60I)
I have enabled the DMA on both IDE channels. (Ultra DMA Mode)

  • Hard disk on IDE 1
  • DD0201(master) and a DVDROM(slave) on IDE 2
    I updated the Motherboard drivers also. (intel 845GV , Dell2400)
    I have tried both Nero 5 & 6.

still, its burning at 2x. even the “recorder details” on nero shows it as 2x.

Please help. thanks a tonne.


There’s no particular reason why Win2K would have this effect. If I understand your post correctly, you set it to burn at 4x but it never gets past 2x? that’s a classic DMA issue, so you should see the drive buffer fluctuating wildly, and/or the read buffer doing the same thing.

naa. Actually, I get only two options. either to burn it at 1x or 2x. so, I cannot set it to 4x.
Whereas in WinXP, I used to get three options in the drop down menu to choose from - 1x, 2x, 4x.

The problem is… I cannot even suspect the media that i am using. since, according to the “recorder details” of the empty drive that NERO gives the max speed is 2X. :sad:

Is there anyone who is using optorite in win2000 ? I really wonder if anyone had this kind of problem. Is there any setting somewhere that i am missing?

and yeah, i contacted the pacific-digital tech support too. (i got this drive with PD brand name.)


Nero cannot tell you actual burn speeds unless there is a blank disc in the drive. Suggest you try some different media before making any conclusions. In any case, this has nothing to do with Win2000.

NERO software gives the MAX speed of an EMPTY DRIVE… when u click on recorder—>choose recorder. ( CTRL + R ). take a look at the screen shot. in WinXP, it showed 4X.

and the media is the SAME that I burnt at 4X in WinXP.


No, it does not give correct info unless a blank disc is in the drive. Nero only reports what the drive is telling it, and there has to be a blank disc in it to get the correct info.

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u got some problemin ur head drive. go check it up before u check my dvd drive. lol :smiley:

IDEA: why don’t u try it urself and see if nero tells the max speed of an empty drive? gr8 idea isn’t it? may be that will repair your head drive.

You gotta love this! Some Bozo starts a thread entitled “PLEASE HELP”, and then attacks with name calling when someone attempts to do just that. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

More importantly this crap is directed at one of this sites most respected members. My, my, what is the world coming to? :wink: :wink: :wink: If I had the answer to the question I wouldn’t dream of sharing with this fool… Find somewhere else for your BS…

So Nero has magical powers now on guessing what disk you are going to put in it?

Might wanna re-read rdgrimes post…


At least I am able to form sentances, and have mastered the task of posting screen shots.

Here’s my NEC 3500 with no disc in it, followed by the same drive with a DVD in it. The same is true of every other drive I have.

pcdoc > I was just adding to help. There are alot of post about this sorta thang lmao n/p pcdoc…like you said they came for help and bashed the helper :confused:

rolling56 - sorry, wasn’t sure where you were going…


Mai Mastaik :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for the trouble everyone had to bear.
I did have a disc inside but I didnot check. I thought it was empty :confused:

its all because of the www.shop4tech.com
mofos… have sent me 2x media probably.
but wait i need to take a look at my order if I really ordered 4x… before I accuse them.

its the media fault. confirmed.