Optorite DD0201 firmware

lo all
had my dd0201 around a week now and for dvd backup i cannot fault it, execpt 2 things.

  1. now with the 2.50E f/w, dvdclone2 (when burning) comes up with the error 10 msg.
    and when iam backing up my xbox games in iso format (using nero --> burn image --> Finalise Disk --> 1x/2x/4x) i have tested it at all speeds using Datawrite Yellow top 4x dvd-r media but when i put the completed burn into the dvd drive, the xbox just doesnt boot it and hangs. then when i boot without it and load it after, i can browse the disk but still when i click to boot it wont kick in :confused:
    XP Pro, Master on secondary IDE
    just wondering if the RPC1 2.50 firmware could fix my problem as i have been told that it worked for somebody else in exactly the same problem as me.
    the page iam trying to get it from is just not loading so i do not know anywhere to get it.
    Regards :slight_smile: