Optorite dd0201 and LG GDR-8162B

This is a friends combination that is unhappy.

The burner Optorite DD0201 is at firmware 2.60E, it can burn DVD-R and DVD-RW (movies) without any errors.

The LG DVD-Rom will read/play DVD-RW but DVD-R it will hang on.

The kicker: DVD-R made with the DD0201 will play fine in DVD players and my old pioneer (114???) (It has been a long while since I have removed it)

DVD-R created in my Nec 1300A will play fine in the LG DVD-Rom.

Now I am wondering if any of you are in the middle of the same problem, licked the problem. LG says their is no firmware to update, Optorite is at the companies newest.

I would like to discount one so I can focus on just one principal. Has any of you come across a LG DVD-Rom that is OK with DVD-RW but not DVD-R?

Or is it the Optorite causing the problem writting the DVD-RW with its spec. properly but not the DVD-R?

Such a double wammy, just don’t know where to lean, Rom or Burner.

Thanks people for any help!