Optorite cw5205 problem

okay, I’ve flashed the drive and it is still not reading/writing at 52x24x52. My cd writer is driving me crazy. I posted on the NEC forum by mistake (sorry) no one has replied. I have exhausted all avenues to fix the prob with it not being detected as a 52x24x52. The manuf is Optorite, the model number is CW 5205. I get power calibration errors in Nero, error in Deepburn, and only detects a write speed for three different manuf disks at 4x. Cables are secure, power is good, dvd no probs, all on DMA, drivers okay. Any sugg? :eek:

I am having exactly the same problem with this model burner. In addition it shows all my cd-r’s as cd-rw, irrespective of whether they are are blank or not!!
My burner is only about a year old. It will burn to cd-rw’s no problem, bizarre.

What version of Windows are you running?

Found out it was the drive itself, power calibration error. No IDE cable probs, etc. Contacted manufacturer and was told it was garbage (not literally!)


I have had my cw5205 now for 4 years and never had a problem until now. When I tried to burn music to a cd-r it only burns 8 tracks then I get a message saying ‘tracker failure’. What does this mean and what can I do about it. I am desparate to get these tracks burned before Friday this week.


I’m getting more and more desparate as the hours go by. Please Please someone help me. What is a focus or tracking error and how do I solve it. I am using Nero to burn cd’s

Jan (confused novice)


Have you tried search options?
In short: The laser can’t be adjusted properly any more. Either the mechanical parts are worn out or the lubricant has dried up. Solutions: Buy a new drive or try cleaning and regeasing the drive.

I am using Nero to burn cd’s
The software doesn’t matter here;)


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Just buy a new drive.