Optorite Cw4002 Update Gone Bad: Need Original

Flashed my Optorite Cw4002 from firmware 100e to 110e and have experienced some serious issues (pulsing, slow response etc.) Can anyone help me by providing a copy of 100e. Is it possible to make a copy/backup of a 100e version from someone elses unit and use it to flash.

Optorite does not respond to my requests.


I know this is an old post, but I’ve got the 100E firmware with a DOS flasher at http://neptho.home.comcast.net/downs/100E_DOS.zip

I’ve also had problems with 110E, so I’ve downgraded to 100E.

can you re-host that file again, i cant download it from that link, the link is dead.

How embarassing. I no longer have the firmware, or that account (I’ve moved across states). However, after complaining to Optorite that I was rather disappointed with their lack of support, I was sent Firmwre 1.20E, and it’s been working well for me.

i dont know, but what ever firmware i use for that drive, it burns cds good, but when i do a scan disc using nero cd-dvd tools, located in the nero tool kit it reads with “damaged sectors” but when i put the same disc in the nec drive, it reads it perfectly, meaning the drive burns good copies its just that when it reads it shows damaged sectors, but when i read the same disc using the nec drive it shows that the sectors are all good…i told optorite support about this, they dont say anything on how to fix my problem they just say if its in warranty they will cover it, other than the they havent provided good support. i flashed the drive using the 100E, 110E, and 120E firmwares they all were just the same. I guess i’ll continue to use the optorite drive to burn cds and use the nec to read…

Try this link - it worked for me: