Optorite cw4002 120E

im having trouble updating my firmware for my optorite cw4002 drive (40x 12x 40x), when i download the bios zip/rar file, and when i run winupdate.exe my pc reboots…can someone help?

i have a optorite cd-rw4002 that i need help with i downloaded the firmware 120e but can’t seem to get it to work is there another firmware i can download beside the 120e if there is please let me know because i miss burning cd’s when i put a cd in nothing comes up it’s just like no cd is in the drive.

i do not know why Optorite does not have a package permitting you to install the firmware upgrade via dos, but it works.
just download a package that is for dos, exit windows an use the 120E.bin file with the update.exe