Optorite CD-RW Manufacturer & OC'ing

Hi all, I’m a “newbie” here, and I have a couple of questions; sorry, I originally posted this in the Lite On forum, instead of this general forum–

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased an “OptoRite” 32X10X40 burner, and have recently become aware that some of these things can be “overclocked”.

I’ve searched all over the net to find out exactly who makes this burner, but the closest thing I can come up with is that it MIGHT be made by CenDyne, or it MIGHT be made by a new company called “AccessTek”, but nobody seems to know the exact origin of this burner.

The burner uses “ExacLink” technology, so that means that it uses the Oak chipset (according to this thread: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthrea...hlight=ExacLink)

So, if anyone happens to know WHO makes this burner, whether it’s overclockable or not, and if it is overclockable, by how much.

Thanks in advance!