Optorite CD burner problems

Can anyone help me with this? I installed an OptoRite CW5201 into an old P2 running at 300 MHZ. very slow, I know. Followed instructions … the burner is the secondary master and the old Toshiba CD-ROM is secondary slave. Burned a couple of audio CDs using Nero 6.0 . Everything worked fine up to this point. Then went into Systems/device manager/CD-ROM etc. to check off DMA on the burner. Got a warning message about hardware problems which I ignored. After rebooting, the PC would only come up in safe mode. Tried to turn off DMA but this item was no longer present in device manager. I could not change the display from 4-bit 640 x 480 to (the previous) 16-bit 800 x 640. Removed the IDE plug from the back of the Optorite THEN I could bring up the normal display. Next boot up ( with only the burner connected ) the computer would not go past the W-98SE “splash page”. Disconnected the burner again while the computer was on and the display continues and everything appears to be normal. Have I done some firmware damage? Also got a hardware conflict with the sound card which resulted in a message saying that the sound card was not installed. This occured when I tried to plug in the CD-ROM as primary slave and play an audio CD. I erased the sound card driver from hardware manager and used PnP to reinstall it. Anyway the sound card seems to be working again but the burner isn’t. Help!