Optorite 5201 trouble

I forgot to plug in the enclosure power supply. :confused:

I have an Optorite 5201 that’s been sitting around for about a year unused. I finally got an external enclosure to use with it but now it doesn’t want to work. Here’s the symptoms:

On power up, green LED blinks a bunch of times, this also happens when I press the Eject button (1 press = 3 groups of a bunch of blinks).

Windows recognizes the drive and says it’s working correctly.

I was also able to update the firmware; this didn’t help.

When I open the drive with a paper clip and insert a CD, nothing happens (ie, drive doesn’t spin up at all or recognize that a disc has been inserted).

So is my drive toast? It almost seems like it needs a reset or something, but I thought changing the firmware would take care of that…