Optorite 0203

i wish to flash an optorite 0203dvd i have the bin file what software do i use to flash in windows xp

Optorite provides the latest DD0203 firmware in a package intended for flashing in real DOS. I don’t know of a firmware flasher that allows you to specify your own .bin file, I think there was one for the DD0201 initially. I don’t think that the Optorite Windows Flashers are very stable, I have read multiple posts of users recommending the DOS flash tool.

i am trying to flash optorite DD0203’s newest firmware 2.5! i have no idea how to do it. i have already dl it an unzip it. it included a DV2 bin file and a DVFLASH application file. But when i click the app file a command prompt showed up for a few second and then it disappeared. The was also a “read me” file telling to do it in real dos not virtual dos. I don’t know how to install it using real dos in xp pro. The only way that i know how to get a dos window is through accessories and then command prompt. If anyone can help i’m very grateful.
P.S. what is the difference btw. real dos and virtual dos. thanks!

Create a boot disk and put the files onto that disk. Use the boot disk to get into real DOS. Run the program with the filename of the binary as a parameter in DOS to flash.