OPTODISCR08 on BenQ 1620

Does anyone has expierence with OPTODISCR08 on the BenQ 1620 or Pro version? :bow:
I have heard that quality of Optodisc is improved lately. But I like to know before I buy.

I heard OPTODISC is very friendly to 1620, don’t have R08 but have some cheapo optodisc 25 Canadian cents each, funny thing is if I use S9 with this media the PI errors jump near the end while it didn’t happen if I use P9 or T9, anyway will flash to T9 once my batch of cheapo MUST001 is finished since S9 is the only firmware that can burn them.

OR4 and OR8 do fine (The +R versions) - the -R media isn’t so hot such as the R004 posted above.

Acro Circle branded Optodisc OR8 @ 4X w/ B7S9. 'Nuff said. :bigsmile:

Yes the 8x is very good. Ive overspeed these to 12x and get perfect speed scans and 97-98% quality.

Thanks for the info!

Is the mediacode OPTODISCR08 or OPTODISCOR8?

The website where I can order them state OPTODISCR08.

Ok I found it out myself the website is wrong, it is +R media so it must be OPTODISCOR8!