I purchased this media from Shop4Tech… I got a 25pack for $1.02 (with the google 10$ off checkout) with free shipping. The media is 16x -R inkjet hub-printable.

I was astounded with the results. The intent of this post is to gather results from this media (or other Optodisc media to help determine consistancy) before I order some more. Did I receive a lucky batch, or is this media generally this good?

FWIW, the Benq drive created average burns at best (20k+ PIE, 1-2k PIF), while my Samsung 182M could not burn this media good at all.

Without transfer rate tests, it’s difficult to say if these discs are really good… :wink:

Many discs/burns look great in scans, then when you read them @16X they show their true mechanical nature! :doh:

These Optodisc seems to be very variable in quality from what I’ve seen around the board, and stability is a big question mark as no one has re-scanned them after some time (that I know of).

Nice scans for the price, though… :bigsmile:

It looks like you’re LiteOn burner really likes this media.

I’ve got some Samsung branded OPTODISCR008 discs and have burned several of them with my Benq 1650 and all I can say is that I was getting really hit and miss results.

Some discs were getting quality scores of 96 and 97, while others were getting 80 and some other discs from the same pack even failed during the burn process.

I know one thing for sure, I won’t be buying anymore Optodisc media. :disagree:

I recommend +R OPTODISCR16 (without 0) , It is very consistent for me with perfect TRT and PIE/PIF are simply awesome , I even like it more than TY T02 or TYG03 :bigsmile:

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=199579 :bow:

I was really surprised to see it burn at 16x P-CAV and return 9k PIE, 120 PIF. So far I cannot remember any disc scanning even close to that at 16x.

I will run another set of burns, perhaps try the Liteon @ 20x, along with some TRT’s.

Here’s a 20x burn on the Liteon, overspeed enabled. Also a TRT of this exact disc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

These discs don’t seem to have the “el-cheapo” symptom (troubled TRT despite good scanning figures), that’s a good sign.

I would like to see more tests performed in different drives to make my opinion, but at this point it doesn’t look bad at all. :slight_smile: (the Liteon seems to have small problems in calibrating the laser power in the burn above…)

The Liteon drive has a hacked firmware from Codeking which enables 20x OS with this media (regular firmware won’t allow past 16x even w/ OS enabled in Smartburn), which could explain the PIE jump at the recalibration points. But 20x was a good test for me, because there are very few media that will burn decently at this speed without creating enormous PIF spikes. Even my Optiarc burner burned this media fairly well at higher speeds, and it’s a horrible drive at 16-18x burn speeds.

I did the TRT on this disc because it had scanned the worst. I finished off a 25 pack of this media, and everything scanned okay. I’ve got two more 25 packs, I will certainly do some more TRT’s and post them here.

Also I have some +R Optodisc on it’s way, I’m curious to see how well it does.

OS VISTA RETAIL -R 16x printable

Have you set CDSpeed to run the test with real-time priority? (File > options > Priority).

If not, set it so, and re-run the test. On some systems, the Benqs can be sensitive to background activity and show dips in the reading curve that are not related to actual reading issues with the disc. :wink:

Excellent tip Frank :clap:

I was very annoyed when doing TRT because I leave my PC without doing anything .

Thank you very much for this :slight_smile:

@[B]adelphia83[/B] , could you please do 16X scans with these discs

Have you set CDSpeed to run the test with real-time priority? (File > options > Priority).

set, same disk, OS VISTA RETAIL, 16x -R

The speed drop is not very beautiful.
What about a scan at 16x? :flower:

12x burn speed

I’m now on my second spindle, this was the first disc off the top.

I wanted to scan in the Benq drive because it generally reports more errors, and so I could have something to compare to the Liteon scans. This disc was burned at the highest speed, 16x P-CAV, we’re talking ~5:25 burn time, which rivals most 18x burns.

First scan is at 8x on a Benq DW1650, second is at 16x. TRT to follow shortly :bigsmile:

Here’s a couple more scans, did a high speed scan on the Samsung 182M. TRT’s as well. This is definately my favorite media so far…

i just got some of this media yesterday…will test it out on my 1655 and 111D
looks like samsung likes this media!! :slight_smile:

Under which brand names are they found? I would like to try some +R 16x and 8x.

LOL, just kidding :bigsmile:

There are lots of different brands with Optodisc out there, from Acro Circle to Corporate Express (!)
And you can get it unbranded, too.

The best one (at least for me) comes under Samsung Pleomax brand