OPTODISCR008 wont burn under 8 min

Using V3B3R2 right now and with Nero and Tmpge tda i cant get these new optopukes 8x disc to burn quicker. 8x is fine and thats what they are rated for, but Im a speed hog and want to burn faster on my 3500.

Shouldnt these burn @12x ? Times vary but it’s taking around 9min.24 seconds on a few burns and then 9min.31secs on another burn. Sometimes i can get a burn to take 8min30secs, but isnt this the 8x times and not 12x?
Am I missing something or should i just resign myself to the fact that these optopukes,errr optodiscs dont burn well past 8x?

Btw these are packaged as Velocity 8x , I got them on amazon for $4.99 a 25 pack about a week ago.

Optodisc 8x is only supported at 8x on stock firmware to my knowledge. I’m not sure if some of the unofficial firmwares allow for higher speed burning on those discs. As for the burning times, 9:30 is about normal for NEC’s rather slow Z-CLV 8x write strategy (it starts burning at 4x after all).

Well… V3B3R2 allows OPTODISCR008 to burn at 12x… but the results we’ve got aren’t very good… The varible times you’ve got is probably because when you burn the disc at 12x… the AOPC kicks the speed down at one point… If you would make a Nero CD/DVD speed - Create Data Disc… you would see this. It’s better to burn them at 8x however.

Thanks. Guess I’ll just burn em at 8x like they are rated at. Too bad too, I was hoping that the write strats would let me burn these in under 8 min, but oh well. For 20cents a disc I shouldnt gripe.:slight_smile: