OPTODISCK001 - anyone had any comments with these discs?

Any one use OPTODISCK001 from here


They say they will write at 2x in the NEC2500, with the hacked firmware (DL one) will they write at 4x ?


OPTODISCK001 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from FUJIFILM03

NO! This 6x and 8x is for the 4x OPTODISCK001 discs, not for the 2x!

The 2x discs might be included @ 4x in the near future!

thanks herrie

I tryed some optodisck001 2x -rw dvds, and as herrie already told, they are still limited @1x & 2x, even with his latest hacked firmware :wink:
Thanks herrie for all your work :smiley:

I wonder if this could include PRODISC G02 ?