Is it a good brand?
I’ve read good reviews but they’re so cheap I’m wondering…

Optodisc Acro Circle Super Grade DVD-R 8X 4.7GB 50 DVD Recordable Disc Spindle


Well, Acro Circle is Optodiscs own brand, and is supposed to be decent. I wouldn’t touch anything that’s called “Super Grade” , AAA+ and so on though. But that’s just my opinion.

This depends on your burner. Some will work well with the Optodisc, but others may not perform as well with them.
I’m not sure about longtime stability.

I’ve found that Optodisc media can be hit and miss.

I’ve had a couple of very good burns with OPTODISCR008 media but I’ve also had a couple of failed burns aswell. :sad:

If you’re looking for longevity and archival reliability in your CD/DVD media, then maybe you should look for another brand.

Thanks guys!

I was able to find some Verbatim DVD+R X16 for the same price (see my thread on the bargain forum)