I just bought some cheap DVD’s off ebay, the discs themselves say they are DGM, and with nero drive speed says they are Optodisc. Has anyone had any experience with Optodisc DVD-R Media? What are they like?

Edit Burner is a DRU-700A and discs r codes as OPTODISCR004

I got a pack of them and they worked good with my optorite dd0203 dvd burner. If you’re unsure check here in the dvd burner section for media compatibility www.videohelp.com

Not exactly, your burner is in fact a Lite-On. Optodisc are “so-so”. Just how “cheap” were these discs, in most cases E-bay is a complete rip-off for media.

Well they were VERY cheap, 100 for $3.75AUD, i have burnt 2 dvd’s already, one it kinda goes all choppy and freezes after about 45mins or so, the other one seems to be playing just fine so far, so im still undecided what they are like.

Well, some might say that it is hard to go wrong at that price but if the discs quit working after a year or two then even if you got them for free it still wouldn’t be worth it to have to replace all of them.

I have Optodisk (Media code: OPTODISCOR4) +R media which burns great.
Here is a CDSpeed Quality Scan (PI max = 17 / PIF max = 6 – very good quality)