Optodisc went ouf of business

Optodisc Technologies declared insolvency on October 2013, their former factory was sold to Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer EPISTAR and Optodisc’s trademark, disc formulas, IP’s, and MID code were acquired by Vinpower.

Epistar Acquires Optodisc Factory to Expand AlInGaP LED Production

Leading Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar acquired bankrupt Taiwanese blue-ray CD and LaserDisc manufacturer Optodisc factory for NT $836 million, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. Epistar plans to expand AlInGaP and InGaN LED production at the new factory site.

The company’s newly acquired factory is expected to be initiated in August 2014, and will increase its AlInGaP LED production capacity by 10 percent in third quarter this year. The new factory is a five to ten minute drive from Epistar’s number three factory. The company will be organizing the new factory at the end of this year, moving personnel and offices from factory two and three to the new site. Freed up space in factory three will be used to install equipment for AlInGaP LED production capacity expansions.


Optodisc has been in the market since the early 2000’s, coinciding with the inception of recordable DVD media. Because of its longevity in the market, the Optodisc MID code is recognized by virtually all optical disc recorder drives from the early 2000’s, continuing through today. When Optodisc became insolvent, Vinpower acquired Optodisc’s trademark, disc formulas, IP’s, and MID code, which it would use to launch a new generation of Optodisc media. Vinpower has long been known as the leader in duplication hardware, so the inclusion of the Optodisc CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media is a natural extension of the line. With Optodisc’s technology and legacy MID code, Vinpower has created a better line of recordable media for the duplication market.

The Optodisc line includes a full range of recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media, along with inkjet or thermal printable surfaces as well as a traditional shiny silver lacquer or matte finish.

I’m glad Optodisc’s technology isn’t fully going to waste… The newer discs were always decent, if a little lacking in support.

[QUOTE=Albert;2748475]I’m glad Optodisc’s technology isn’t fully going to waste… The newer discs were always decent, if a little lacking in support.[/QUOTE]

Optodisc is a much bigger loss than Umedisc (for example). They were capable of making good quality discs and must have had IP assets worth saving. I hope that Vinpower will put them to good use.

Sorry to bump this old thread, but people really slept on Optodisc back in the day. Those Kodak DVDs in particular.

Media Supply is using OPTODISCRO16 for there entry level discs. Based on the original announcement, & the samples they sent me, I expected AZO dye for all. I’m finding that these prefer higher burning speed, which is usually not the case with my Optiarc