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HQ4U 25GB 6x / OTCBDR002

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @4x

The lowest two discs of each cake are always put together recording side to recording side. They really stick to each other and you have to pull them apart. Something is happening to the dye there.


Anti-scratch coating is prone to taking all kinds of imprints when under pressure, those “imprints” cause light diffraction and causing all king of writing/reading problems. Did you burn them immediately after separation or you let them sit aside for few days?


I burned it right after pulling apart.
The 2nd disc I will burn in some days.



Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @6x



Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @4x


HQ4U 25GB 6x / OTCBDR002

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @8x

Another disc with big scratches


That´s a good example for something I wrote shortly :wink:

Depending on the media and kind of error the drives behaviour can be totally different. That´s why I said nobody can say the Liteon is a better reader than Pioneer or LG. My LG stopped reading a media which was burned awful while the Pioneer could read it with massive slowdown. But in an other szenario the LG keep highest speed at reading BD-RE while the Pioneer have massive slowdowns. Liteon can only read BD-R 8x which helps it a lot, LGs read strategy sometimes is unbalanced because it tries to read a media fast which is in bad condition.


In my cases, the Pioneer always was a better reader (cblu, RITEKDR2 and this disc).
I don’t have any LG Blu-ray drives to compare.



Burned with LiteOn iHBS112 @4x


Maybe all your OTCBDR002 are much better than mine or your scan drive is like my crossflashed HP bd335e which show only 50% of the error-rates all my other Liteon-based drives shows.

Have all four brands that (+ Panasonic, but only slimtype) and the compare of scanning BD-Rs also shows that the Liteon is a weak reader for this in many cases, error-rates increases visible on higher read speeds, with the LG there´s no big difference between 8x and 12x


Maybe just luck with my hq4u. My LiteOn shows very high errors on other bad media like MBIR06.

I can send you some of these hq4u for comparison in exchange for Plexdisc or Optical Quantum. Would be interesting.


HQ4U 25GB 6x / OTCBDR002

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @2x

The other disc of the two which were put together dye side to dye side.
This one also has a big dye damage at the outer edge.
My LiteOn iHBS didn’t want to burn this disc after a minute of trying, the Pioneer only offered 2x speed.
My theory is that the OPC area sits in the outer edge of the disc and is damaged so much, that both drives could not perform the calibration.
I think the Pioneer performs OPC at the time the disc is inserted, because it already decided to burn the disc only 2x when I wanted to select the speed in Nero. No other speed was possible.


Pioneer offer no tool to check OPC. I remember some DVD-writers which have such tools have the option to use OPC always or only on unknown media

So it´s a bit confusing, I think the available speeds depends on the MID, can´t believe it made a calibration so fast and before I can choose the write speed

My DVD-writers, especially Liteon and Samsung start OPC maybe at start of burning, both let u choose the write speeds before but slowdown at begin, mostly after some spinup/spindowns


Yeah but this MID should be burned 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x normally. So I wonder why only 2x is available.

I have one disc with dye damage in the middle left.
Will do some tests later and see if I can force only 2x speed.


This is a disc with dye damage in the middle, so OPC area is not affected.
All speeds for this MID are available.

This is the same disc, but with some tape on the outer edge.
The Pioneer wants to only burn it 2x now.

Peeled off the tape and polished a bit, again all speeds available

I don’t know if it writes or reads the outer edge of the disc, but the Pioneer is doing something in the OPC area already when you insert the disc.


Huh, I hope your drive don´t makes noises like a old two-stroke engine if you inserted the media with the tape?

Would be interesting how other drives would handle it


No weird noises heard, it was very thin electric tape.

If there is damage in OPC area, Pioneer only offers 2x speed, LiteOn offers all speeds but fails to burn after long trying. The disc is still empty after it.
LG, Samsung or Panasonic I don’t have


That´s interesting, never had this problem. And it´s not all logical IMHO.


Yeah it’s just my theory…

But I have seen this on some low quality Maxell MBI CD-Rs too and wondered why the Pioneer only offered 10x speed on some discs, while other discs from the same cake could be burned 40x.


Plexdisc printable 25GB 6x / OTCBDR002
supplied by Tester_1

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @4x