Optodisc Mini DVD-RW's at a good price

i see aviationwiz already posted it, but it was locked because he was breaking a forum rule according to taxman. anyways, i saw it on cdrlabs, but thought it was just a bunch of crap. so i checked the prices elsewhere, and here’s what i found:


aviationwiz was selling them for $3 a piece, so that’s a lot less than any of the other sites. his site is: http://www.aviationwiz.net

i’m not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned, just a cdrlabs, and cdfreaks reader.

I have a very strong dislike for this childish behaviour, where people go and find others to advertise their products on our forum because the person was told not to do it himself…To me this is still spamming and a display of great disrespect to me and this forum in general.

I have seen better prices by use of a single site (hope the direct link works):