Optodisc + Liteon, Confidence restored

after tones of crappy discs ive finally found a good media for my LiteOn, TY is as good as impossible to get here unless you like getting ripped off.

i cant find much about this media on this site, so i take it i can trust this disc?, Burned with DVD-ROM booktype setting

one more thing, if i scan at any higher than 4x the disc looks marginal and around the red book standard should i worry about this?, i used omnipatcher to increase read speed, could this be why?

At higher speeds, it’s probably more useful to look fo a good transfer rate curve (Cdspeed) - if it Kprobes well at 4x, and can read to max speed cleanly, it’s excellent - some slowdowns at the end are also not too bad, so long as it doesn’t error or drop the speed into oblivion.

Sometimes it can kprobe well, but it just won’t read well

Not a problem man! i always check with CDSpeed aswell

all good???

You found good media for the liteon drive ? Is MCC 003/002 bad ? or MCC 01/02 RG 20 ?
or Ricohjpn r01/2 ? Discs with these media codes working flawless with my 832S.

Im sorry i dont know anything about those discs, but aslong as they are of a good quality and your burner likes them then keep hold of them

i recommend them they work great when you search good discs try them out they do work with all released firmwares so far on the SOHW832S my drive before the liteon was an BTC (picky as hell) these discs were and are good.

I had very good burns with the first half of my 50 pack of optodisk 0R4s. Once I got to the 2nd half of the cakebox every other burn would be a coaster. I only have 1 left now, and probably won’t buy more since I have about 75 TYs left.

I picked a stack of 25 Optos the other day badged Excel and when I first started to use them they were crap.
People still say they are crap but I am now starting to see some good burns.
On someone else’s advice I changed the write strategy for this media to richojpn/r01/02.
At first it didn’t seem to make any difference, then I went a step further and reset the media with the EEPROM utility (after backing it up of course).
Since then, seems to be getting better and better.