Optodisc DVD+R and 832S

I tried getting TY under the Samsung label from Newegg, but i got OPTODISCOR4. How well does this Optodisc media work with the 832S burner?

I’m trying to decide if i should send them back or not.



Their +R media is pretty poor but their -R media is better.

Check out this web site for details of media.

Well they sort of work okay…

That’s a dreadful result. Send them back and make sure you get the Samsung +R media not the -R media.


They are in fact the Optodisc DVD+R media under the Samsung label. So what do you guys think? Try it or send it back?

Thanks for any opinions,


send them back …they are really bad…get some fuji or memorex…they are usually
ricohjpnr01 sometimes the fuji’s are TY…have seen the maxell in the 25 pack TY.

The medis is fine, maybe it will work in your drive. Try one and see… Will they take back opened media? Tell them you tried one and it did not work. Get replacement for the unused ones?

Hmm…i’m not sure if i should try one or not. Not sure if they would take it back if one was used or missing. Maybe i will email them now.