OPTODISC 4X DVD+R 50 Pack-$10.99 Free Shipping



Chief Value (Newegg) has the Optodisc 4X +R 50 packs on sale for $10.99 with free shipping with a limit of 4 per customer. Today only.
Looks like everyone is dumping their 4X DVD media.


Out of stock.


Didn’t take long did it?


50 pack of these can be had for $11.99 from Tiger Direct if that deal is still running if you really want some. They don’t burn to badly on the BenQ at 4x - I don’t recommend overspeeding them. These are branded as Intenso 4x DVD+R’s if you buy them from Tiger Direct.


I keep hearing about Tiger Direct’s shipping being on the high side. The Chief Value deal was pretty good, while it lasted, with the free shipping.


Agree, it was good. I have a question though pipemanid - why did you put in (newegg) in parenthesis like that beside ChiefValue? I am correct in thinking they are two seperate companies albeit very comparable in prices right?

Tiger Direct’s shipping isn’t terrible compared to some stores - it’s about average, not as low as Newegg’s but not outrageous either. I think the last time I ordered media from them I got 2 50 pack spindles and it was like $7 for shipping and handling over ground. Not great but not terrible like I say. :slight_smile:


Newegg and Chief Value are owned by the same company, ABS Computers.


Ahhhh, that explains a lot, thanks pipemanid. I guess I can’t be upset ordering from either of them then figuring they are both going to do a fine job. ABS Computers is ok in my book. :slight_smile:


I have purchased from both and have always received quality products, good pricing, and quick shipping. I just thought it was informative to let people know who they are dealing with.