OPTODISC 4.7GB 4X DVD+R 50 Pack $10.99 Free Shipping

Chief Value (Newegg) has OPTODISC 4.7GB 4X DVD+R 50 Pack for $10.99 with free shipping. Limit 4. Be quick or miss out.
And No Rebate!!

Depends on how much you like optodisc. Although it looks like the site has pretty good ratings. :wink:

optodisc R04 sucks big time, do yourselves a favor by spending just a little more and purchase TY media!!

Optodisc sucks, how eloquent. Perhaps directing people to an appropriate forum thread that has a discussion on this particular media might be a little more informative.

yes you might be right, but you do agree with me that most would be better off spending a bit more and purchase TY’s? I have Optodisc R04 media and their are truly bad as most would tell you. Only a few freak Benq 1620’s can burn them at high speeds with great quality. If you think about it, you can purchase TY’s for only .30 from online stores and I’m taking about original TY’s not re-branded ones and these are 4X not 8X but you can easily burn them at 8X with most burners.

I’m not pimping these discs. I’m just letting people know where the deals are. If someone is interested, then they should do some research and determine if the media is of acceptable quality for their use. I appreciate that you at least took the time to be informative in this post rather than the approach you took in your previous attempt.


Anyone who has spent some time on these forums for more than a couple of months would know that these Optodisc are Crap Media - and have a poor reputation for throwing a whole lot of coasters-


Deals are everywhere. You would do better to let ppl know where the good ones are.

Good is a relative term. What may be good for you may not be good for me. Do your own research and make the final decision.

I bought these 0R4’s from chiefvalue and theyre much better quality than the other 0R4’s I have. So far they all burn with awesome results at 12x.

It appears that this was a good deal for you. Looks like all the experts might have made a bit of a premature call on the quality or these discs. Granted, they might not be the best available, but for the price they obviously work at a speed much higher than their 4X rating.


Same answer, IMO, goes for those questions asking for the “best” burner or firmware.

The optodisc OR4/OR8 media isn’t that bad compared to some brands out there. The -R media isn’t the best quality depending on what burner you use but the +R media is definitely decent and certainly is far from sucking. :slight_smile:

Shipping is now extra.

I guess you weren’t quick enough.

I clicked the link out of curiosity. I live in the US and Taiyo Yuden is cheap. No need to buy Optodisc.

ditto!!! I recently bought a spindle of 100pcs 4X dvd-r TY’s for only $31.99.

Oh, I mis-read it. At first I thought they were going to pay ME $10.99 to take the discs. Even then it would be a tough decision. :iagree:


What is “good?” Shop for Tech has Sonic 2X DVD-R for 17 cents apiece all the time with shipping “usually free”. I don’t need to burn a X8 disk at 12 speed to think something is good when my use is on a set top recorder. (Liteon 5005 and 5045). These Sonics fail about 50% of the time if you try multiple burns–ie, take the disk out of the machine and try to finish up the disk a few days later. If the disk is left in until full and finalized I have had 100% success (on @ 200 disks so far).

On same machines, I have had Fuji, Maxell, and TDK fail “while burning!” (Actually only once per brand but none so far on Sonic!) That is a bummer. Why pay even one cent more for OptiDisk when Sonic is a “proven” winner within its limitations? I have some TY’s in reserve for “can’t fail” situations–which aren’t that many.

I’ll do faster disks when I find a tv tuner card for the computer that can match the quality of the liteon images AND that allows burning a “fully complying DVD disk”==fully complying to whatever liteon uses so the machines are all interoperable.

Instead of “good vs bad” the desired approach should be hard data==ie, the actual failure rate of the disks–as is done in the excellent reviews herein. =========IMHO. //// bobbo.