Optodisc 16x DVD+R's - anyone use on BenQ DW1620A yet?



Just wondering how this media is shaking down - Meritline I think it was had some at a pretty reasonable price and I was tempted to buy. This is also after noticing that Rima must be getting rid of most of their 4x stock now - they have no 4x Prodisc’s anymore among other companies. Anyway, sorry for that off-topic ramble, I’m really curious about the Optodisc 16x DVD+R’s if anyone has used them and can post Nero CD/DVD Speed results. I’d appreciate it. :wink:


meritline has prodics 16x…


Mmmmmhmmmmm… :Z

Just saw that, 50 cents each too which isn’t terrible. Bah! I just ordered 100 8x Prodisc DVD-R’s from Rima.com again. Dang this media addiction. :slight_smile: I loved the 4x DVD-R’s with the same Silver Matte finish and hopefully the 8x will do just as well. :slight_smile:


i’m looking for some cheap good 8x+ any suggestions?


These are supposed to be pretty good:


Think it depends on the media code but from what I’ve seen they are normally Daxon AZ2’s and they will burn at 16x on the BenQ and supposedly 12x on the NEC ND3500AG. Not sure on the NEC but the BenQ at least from what I read sounds like they work great in.


yeah i was thinking about those but i’ve seen reports of them showing up as fujifilm’s…i think i will email them and ask.


I had both BenQ +R and -R.

+R were Daxon AZ2
-R were Fujifi LM03

I kept the +R because they gave me slightly better results on my dw-1620 (almost always 97% quality) than the -R (varying from 92% to 98% with an average of 95%). A lot less PIE, less PIF total and better Jitter with +R.

To help choose which ones to keep, I’ve created Excel sheets to calculate average statistics for both medias:

-R statistics:
PIE Average 11.234
PIE Max 85.9
PIE Total 145284.5

PIF Average 0.102
PIF Max 8.3
PIF Total 1283.5


Jitter Average 9.40%
Jitter Max 11.94%

Quality Score 95%

+R statistics:
PIE Average 3.852941176
PIE Max 17.05882353
PIE Total 39661.58824

PIF Average 0.058235294
PIF Max 5.823529412
PIF Total 597.9411765


Jitter Average 7.98%
Jitter Max 9.46%

Quality Score 97%


what speed were you burning then at?


The +R can be overburned up to 16x on the DW-1620 (B7P9 & B7T9). I read somewhere that the -R could be overburned too but I think that was not the case with B7T9, I had 8x as the max speed in QScan. I don’t remember about -R and max speed with B7P9.

To be fair, since -R were just 8x max, i did most of my +R tests at 8x too. However, I ran one or two 16x tests with the +R and I think they were not bad at all (above 90%). I verify when I’ll get home and I’ll post more details about +R at 16x.

P.S. English is not my first language and I hope that what I wrote is understandable. No difficulty to read English, writing it is another story…


I really like the staples or memorex 8x dvd+r that are made in India (Moser Baer). They burn very nicely at 12x on both the 1620 abd 3500. :slight_smile:

Media code: MBIPG101R04

I had one give me a PIE total (sum over entire disk) of about 3600 for a 4.1GB disc. I have never gotten single or double digit PIFs like others in this forum have. :sad:


As promised, here’s the scan of the only +R I tried at 16x.

1st file = 16x
2nd file = 8x

Not bad considering the price : 59.99$CAN for 200 DVD at http://www.futureshop.ca (about 48.30$US)

You’ll find many other Daxon AZ2 scans with the BenQ if you look a bit around here.


to bad they don’t ship to the us…


Not sure, but you should probably expect similar results with Daxon AZ2 of other brands found in the us?

If you can find it at similar price, about 25¢US, it’s not much expensive for a media that gives 97% almost every time with not so much PIE-PIF errors at 8x.

Now I try to find cheap Yuden in Canada to do some data backup with scores similar as those seen in the “Hall of fame”.


You can get the BenQ 8x DVD+R media from Meritline, Spryfly. Should be Daxon AZ2 most likely.


your daxzon media are nice