Optodisc 100 16x dvds $4 shipped use google checkout

Hi you can get $10 off $10 or more by joining google checkout here http://www.google.com/checkout/signupbonus_google.html how it works is you sign up then goto one of the sites listed and buy stuff and get $10 off so goto shop4tech.com they have free shipping then do a search for optodisc then pick 25 packs which will be $12.25 then at check apply gg10 code and it makes it like $1.02 shipped :slight_smile: then after your done just do it all over again it seems if you use a new email (can be made up)you can use the same card over and over to get this stuff :slight_smile: just as long as you use a new email address when signing up

so far heres what i got

2 25 pks of dvd cases $1.00 shipped
2 6 port power surge cords for 95 cents each shipped
2 slicone skins for a razor phone 95 cents each
2 car charges for a moto phone 1.11 each
28 25 pk of optodisc for 1.02 each :slight_smile:

Note that once the order ships you can no longer use that card to place orders so u can go and buy a prepaid credit card at walgreens or at local banks and do it all over :slight_smile: lucky for me i had around 30 something gift cards setting around with a few bucks on them and use them all and alot of orders already came and rest will be here tommarow via UPS

and optodisc is not the best disc but they seem to play flawless in my dvd player.

it seem

My experience with Optodisc (Samsung branded) DVD+R 16X is amazing :


Of course YMMV :bigsmile: , but for that price it is a great deal :wink:

Yeah them seem like a great dvd they play flawless in my poinner dvd players and for the price i couldnt pass it up and i now have over 400 of them for $16 that was a steal for these dvds

wouldnt $10 off $12.25 be $2.25 per 25 pack? still an awesome deal…will try this :slight_smile:

use gg10 coupon which knocks off like $1.23 more makeing it a total of 1.02 for 25 disc so far i got over 700 of these disk for $22 shipped

I don’t understand how you guys are able to buy multiple times with the $10 off from google checkout. Are you just making multiple accounts? I could only purchase it once with that price, and then the rest do not offer the discount.

I used google checkout a when it first came out to get $10 off. Now ever since it won’t give
me $10 off anymore :frowning:

you got to make new accounts you can use the same card over and over and you will need new emails (they dont have to be real) i make up emails and use and be sure to use firefox and set cookies del after you close browser or just del cookies in IE 6 to be on the safe side

How are the 8x +R variety? With Google Checkout, you can get them for $1 shipped (per 25) without the gg10 code (which I couldn’t get working).

For a buck, might as well just try them myself…

Edit: I wonder if Shop4Tech will ship all these Google Checkout orders together in one box… I’d have a hard time explaining twenty packages arriving at the house at relatively the same time… :eek: Hard to pass up 500 discs for roughly $20 though… :bow:

for the code use caps

GG10 gg10 did not work but GG10 did :slight_smile:

Nope that wasn’t it, next time I just had to enter 2-3 times then it worked

The code seems to work every time on the 16x +R, but I have tried it over 10 times on the 8x +R, but couldn’t get it working, I think the code won’t let you go under a dollar which is the price of the 8x before the code.

Well I was able to buy 4 using the code. $1.02 each :slight_smile:

also if the code dose not work log out of google and back in when placeing the order and it works or did so on me.

and the 8x works great to me the 8x and 16x both work flawless

urrbodyh8sme, I’m assuming that S4T shipped each of your many orders in separate boxes? This is obviously a nice deal and I’ve done it once a couple weeks ago with the Optodisc discs, but I have to admit that my conscience would have me feeling guilty about all of the shipping costs if shipping a large amount of packages. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just curious if they sent each of your orders separately from each other or if they condensed them into less packages.

Regarding the first post in this thread, does everyone see this as the link for shop4tech in the bottom left corner of their browser (if using Firefox)? Just move your mouse over the shop4tech link:

(I substituted hxxp for http so the link couldn’t be used)

I don’t know if this is a js from my browser, or the link that CDfreaks converts the shop4tech link to.

Regardless, I can’t click on it because my HOSTS file will just redirect me to my own computer (as linksynergy is an adware site).

Nope I don’t see it, also I have to use IE for googlecheckout :rolleyes:

Yes Wilton, I see the same address.

Thanks, Scoobie. Whenever I see links like that, I get nervous. I open this little program I have called a URL Discombobulator to see where the strings in the link actually redirect to. I don’t know why Cdfreaks has to use these sites. Obviously, the redirect probably ensures they make some dough on the order, but those of us who use HOSTS files and other malware blockers that add restricted sites to the registry won’t be able to use these links (nor would I want to with the linksynergy.com address).

Very good :

I had a friend try the multiple account thing with the same 10$ discount, and he was later charged the 10$ for each instance that the account activation period had expired.

I believe you have to activate your account within a certain period of time [read the terms and conditions closely]. You should receive an email that will allow you to activate it.