Optiprinter Pro print blured images

Hi guys,

I bought a Verity Systems OptiPrinter Pro because everyone says that is one of the best CD/DVD printer with photo quality.
Now im trying o print an image with the best quality, created in photoshop with 300 dpi.

At this moment all fine, when i print that image into a CD or a Cd Card return a blured image. Seems that we have 2 image printed.
The other problem that i see was the printing in the white borders are cuted by other colers.

CD Image

CD Card Image

In there you can see the crap of quality. This Cds where printed in the MAX quality.

Can anyone identify the problem? This is one of the worst printing i ever see.
Can this be an CD/CD Card surface quality or a software problem?

I’d like to find out the problem.



maybe this is due to the media you are using. There are thermal printable and inkjet printable discs available. I am sure there are some hints in the documentation of your printer.