Options to make a Pioneer BDR-208EBK / BDR-208M region free?

What are some options to eliminate or work around this drive’s region lock? The drive is installed in a 64bit Windows system:

  • I have read that AnyDVD might be the simplest option but I do not currently have a license for it.
  • I have contradictory information about DVD43 and how it can be used on modern 64bit Windows. Is that still a viable option?
  • I have looked for region-free firmware but I have not found any (the drive is currently on firmware 1.10).
  • I have tried to find a method to simply reset the region change counter, but I have not found anything. I seem to remember before I bought the drive I saw some information on resetting the counter. Is this possible?


DVDFab Passkey.

And you can update the drive to 1.50, there won’t be any region free firnware anyway.

I have had good luck with AnyDVD. Bypasses region codes and copy protection for all optical discs your drive can read.

I went with DVDFab after Oinker’s recommendation - it turns out I have a old license for the full version. My drive seems pretty slow. I probably shouldn’t have given away my dedicated DVD drive.