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Hi Guys,

I am new to the forum, but I purchased DVDFAB a while ago with great sucess!!! An awsome program!!

In the latest version there is some new options e.g.

  • New: Added options “Copy DVD-Video”, “Copy DVD-Audio” and “Copy Non-DVD Files” in “Full Disc” mode.

These options are greyed out on mine, why?

Thanks for a great product!!!


Hi Pieter,

“Copy DVD-Video” should not be greyed out if it’s a movie disc.

“Copy DVD-Audio” and “Copy Non-DVD Files” may be greyed out, if it’s not a DVD-Audio disc, or it doesn’t contain any file except for VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder.

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Put A movie disk in the source drive.

It is also like this on mine, Once I put in a movie disc the only thing I can turn on/off is copy dvd video. The other three are blacked out.

Assuming I dont click off anything or turn anything on will this rip the same way it always has?

That happens with me too, but I just didn’t give it a thought.

The proceedure just carries on the way it has always done. :iagree:

Hope that’s of some help. Jim :slight_smile:

If there are only Video-Data on Disc, all other options disabled. DVDFab search for any data on disc. If found other data, then you are enable to select other options. You can’t remove something, if its not present on disc.

What if I just want the entire disc as in the past? Do I simply leave everything checked the way it comes up, and not mess with anything? I really just want the full disc entire movie, nothing changed ripped to a folder.

Also is the Audio_TS folder suppose to be empty?

If you want to copy Full Disc, “Copy DVD-Video” should be checked. The AUDIO_TS folder is empty on DVD-Video Discs. Only on DVD-Audio Discs you find files in AUDIO_TS folder.

What is a DVD-Audio disc?

So, if I simply open DVDfab HD decrypter and insert my movie it should be ready to load full movie to folder right? I shouldnt select or deselect anything right?

Normally you have no changes made. DVDFab select automatically the right thing for DVD-Video. The target-folder you should select yourself.

From some artists you can buy normal CDs and DVD-Audio Discs. If you want to copy DVD-Movies, you not need to think about this special DVDs.