Options for Taiyo Yuden DVD-R @ Rima.com

I have finally burnt up my three year supply of MIJ Fuji & Maxell purchased from local B&M stores. None of the B&M stores here carry MIJ media anymore.

Looking at Taiyo Yuden DVD-R at Rima.com , I need some help deciding what would be best to purchase. Burn speed dosn’t really matter to me. My drives are 8X & 16X but I can’t complain about the 4X media I have been using. I have been writing on the top painted surface with a sharpie marker.

At Rima prices range from $31.99 to $50 per 100. So would the 8X Silver Lacquer (Shiny Silver) for Thermal Printing at $31.99 be ok to write on with a sharpie?


The shiny silver should be fine for writing on with a Sharpie. I have some TY shiny silver CDRs, which take a Sharpie just fine.

8x is a good choice (it’s what I’d choose in your shoes) - they will work nicely at their rated speed in both your drives. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Yup the 8x TY DVD-R shiny silver would be my recommendation as well. Used quite a number of these myself and they are outstanding discs.


Both the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R and -R medias from www.rima.com are first class media with first class vendor at the most consistant low pricing and shipping on the net (and the shipping costs for 200 is only 10-15% more than for 100 - and if you buy the +R’s 200 are $1 cheaper than the per 100 price)-

Happy Burnin’


Thanks for the feedback guys.
I’ll most likely stay with the -R’s. I have heard that the +R’s can be made very compatible but why mess with a good thing? I have never had any problems with friends or family reading one of my disks.


Enjoy (though I’m a +R girl myself) :bigsmile:

I’m partial to the -Rs due to the fact that I deal alot with videogame consoles. Either way both are quality discs.

Be sure to get the ones in spindles.

You can find quality TY media in shrink wrap, but that process of packaging sometimes leaves all sorts of dust on the disks, which you then have to carefully clean off.

The TY in spindles almost always are nice and clean - the difference in work required makes it worth the extra pennies.

I’ve got both the -R and +R versions. Both are good quality stuff.

You will not have that problem with Rima media.

Rima sells TY in shrinkwrap (100 packs of hub printable 8x/16x DVD-R, 8x DVD+R and 48x CD-R).