Options for Recording Movies?

Hey guys - just found the website and have spent a little time looking around and this forum is great! I need some help please on getting the right hardware/software for recording movies and shows.

My hardware:
**Motorola DCT6416 III DVR - Cox Cable is my service provider.
**Vizio P50HDTV - 50" Plasma HDTV
**Custom built computer (AMD 4200X2 cpu / 2GB RAM / 500GB hard drive storage / dual DVD burners / Windows Vista Home Premium - which includes Media Center Edition / wireless internet network)

My situation:
My wife loves to record programs on the DVR and although she’ll never re-watch them she will keep them on the DVR taking up valuable storage space. She goes irate if I delete one with her knowing.

I just got the new tv and love it. I now have all HD channels available through Cox Cable and have found that there are so many progrmas I want to record for later viewing but can’t because there is no space left. I just need a way to record a show on DVD for later viewing.

From what I understand my choices are:

  1. Get a DVD recorder
  2. Get a tuner card for the PC and use Vista (Media Center Edition) to record the tv shows

Any opinions on the best way to go? Any other possibilities? Thanks!

For what you are talking about, DVD Recorder is the way to go.

Welcome to the forum. Yes I would by a DVR (Digital Video Recoder). Its like having an old VCR but it will record on DVD’s. Also I would buy a multi-DVR that will record on any dvd formats, and for about 125 dollars you can’t go wrong or they have one’s that have HDD’s in them and you can edit then burn to dvd as well. Hope this helps you and your wife?