Option Mobile

I bought DVD Fab 5 Platinum a few months ago and would like to add Option Mobile. Will I have to buy the whole thing again, or is there an upgrade package?

Look here you can add just the mobile option… http://www.dvdfab.com/products.htm

OK, I’ve done that, now I somehow have a non CSS version and the mobile part doesn’t appear on the main screen. Also, I now have 2 key files, do I use both or just the latest one?

Download them from DVDFAB.COM not dvd fab.net just double click both keys and your done. The dvdfab.net is the non-css version by the way, it is a legal thing. Let us you got it all working.

Thanks, I now have the same as I had before but it says at the top Platinum (Option Mobile) the mobile part does not appear in the left part of the screen as it should

with dvdfab open at the top right corner click the question mark in blue and then click info and it should tell you what you have installed. Post and let us know also a screen shot would be helpful if you able to post one

On the left side of the main screen where it says DVD to Mobile click on it,then it will open the mobile options

Both Platinum and Mobile are enabled, all I have on the left side is DVD to DVD

[QUOTE=steve77079;2198028]Both Platinum and Mobile are enabled, all I have on the left side is DVD to DVD[/QUOTE]

See post #7

There is no DVD to Mobile

Ok follow the step here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/2065659-post1.html

Thanks guys, that worked a treat…:clap: