Option for Full Screen or Wide Screen burn?



I have recently enjoyed the CloneDVD2 software. It is pretty good. When I burn a back up copy of a dvd, it puts it in widescreen automatically for me which is fine. However, is there a place in options or settings where I can choose widescreen or full screen. I know a few others people(not on these boards) who noted they wanted widescreen but everything is being burned in full screen. Other than that, the software is very good. If anyone can give insight in to this it would be appreciated. Cheers.



You can only reproduce what format the original DVD was created at.
Some DVD’s have both formats, widescreen on 1 side and full screen on the other.
No software has tha ability to change the format of the original.
Most DVD’s are in widescreen format, I don’t understand how people on other boards are saying everything is being burned at full screen, they must have had all full screen DVD’s.

Some movies do have, at time of purchase, the option of buying wide screen or full screen, but this is the exception, rather than the rule, when DVD’s are released.


Itz has it correct…you cant create what aint there, or even modify it? You cant even affect its display resolution or its audio output based on what PROGRAM or PROCESS you used to copy it or duplicate it? you can only copy or compress WHAT IT GIVES (quality notwithstanding). The only way they were ending up with fullscreen copies, is if they had fullscreen ORIGINALS. Period, end of story, it DID NOT HAPPEN any other way.

No, just kidding. Thats the only answer.
NOW…lets take a movie I used to use for DVD reviews and have watched OH, 75 or more tymes checking video and frame rate and all that stuff…and I know has BOTH widescreen AND fullscreen on the same side of the disc: MONSTERS INC.

OK, not a GREAT movie, but cute enough to view, the movie has a submenu after you select PLAY that allows viewer (you) to CHOOSE between widescreen or fullscreen playback. When you go to copy with CloneDVD (I just checked this when I saw your question), you get both movie versions presented as seperate playable movie tracks. Essentially, its 2 DIFFERENT movies on the same DVD. When you highlight EITHER ONE, you will see what APPEARS to be the identical movie in the tiny preview window.

LOOK CLOSER! You CAN in fact see that one is widescreen and 1 is fullscreen in the preview window. the one with black bars on top and bottomn of the preview window is the WIDESCREEN VERSION (Just like on your TV). The one without the black bars, is the FULLSCREEN. CHoose the one you want…on a movie that gives both, choose both if its your personal desire to have em? (Remember, if you are burning to a single layer DVD you may wanna choose fewer things to include in order to keep your quality in the green zone).

Bang. You will be done. NOTE: if you choose only 1 of the 2 (say you choose WIDESCREEN) and you keep all the menus for the disc(Its an option at the top)…
Then the sub-screen where the movie asks you which you want…will still probably BE THERE, but it will only be useable on the chosen selection. If you only copied widescreen, and you SELECT fullscreen when you play the movie…1 of 2 things will happen…

A - it may just play the widescreen since thats the only option really available…
B - It may return to the selection menu since your selection didnt work(The fullscreen wasnt there) and wait till you CHOOSE widescreen and then allow the play.

SO…you should look CAREFULLY at that preview menu window when selecting the things you wanna keep on the copy…

BTW, MOST movies DO NOT include both WIDESCREEN and FULLSCREEN on the same side of a single DVD. The MOST common thing is one version on EACH SIDE of a 2 sided DVD. (The only label/title will be a tiny text stripe in the middle of the disc, NO LABELS, COLORS, or TEXT/PICTURES in the meaty area!). So USUALLY you will have JUST 1 version per disc, or OCCAISIONALLY 1 on each side. RARELY, a SHORTER title (Like MONSTERS INC) will squeeze em both on 1 side…but thats not real common.

Hope it helps


Yes! Another tip: Double click on the preview window while previewing a title. (Or use - as always! the right mouse button, menu point “best fit”). If will change its shape and size, you will immediately see if the title is fullscreen, letterbox or 16:9 anamorphic widescreen.


I read the posting here and decided to find a software that will enable turning a widescreen to full. I have done it with the XBMC and knew it is possible. Here is a great software for windows… I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks like it will do the trick… http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/329473.html. Read the forums…!!!


It not posible, that progrmas the crop the image or shrink it to look like fullscreen, but is not a real fullscreen


Presenting widescreen video on fullscreen TVs

Several methods are available to convert widescreen video to fullscreen format for display on fullscreen TVs. You can convert widescreen video to fullscreen format and store the converted fullscreen video on the DVD; however, the preferred method stores the original widescreen video on the DVD. The DVD player then converts it during playback to a fullscreen TV. Adobe Encore DVD stores the original widescreen video on the DVD and instructs the DVD player to letterbox it on playback to a fullscreen TV, regardless of the DVD player’s settings.

DVD players use the following modes to convert widescreen video for display on a fullscreen TV:

– Automatic Letterbox shrinks the image until it fits the fullscreen format horizontally, causing black bars to appear at the top and bottom of the frame. The resolution of the image is lowered, but the image remains whole–no cropping occurs. For footage that is stored on a DVD as widescreen, DVD players use automatic letterbox to display it on fullscreen TVs.

– Automatic Pan and Scan crops the widescreen video to fit the fullscreen frame, removing visual data outside of the fullscreen frame.