Optimum WMA settings

I realize this is a matter of taste and space :slight_smile: : When WMP rips tracks from a CD, it makes WMA files that are about half the size of MP3 tracks. First, am I losing a lot of quality (I use and MP3 player with quality earbuds)? Second, if I want this sort of compression using Goldwave, for WAV tracks already on my hard drive, how do I set it? There are all kinds of options like 128 to 32 kbps, VBR vs. CBR, 44 or 48 kHz, “quality” of 98, 90, 50 etc.

In other words, if WMP’s quality is acceptable, what does WMP use as its default settings? Thanks, Dr. J

First of all you can see your WMP settings at Tools>Options>Rip Music>Rip Settings. I have mine set at variable rate(135-215Kbps). It really is a matter of preference. The lower the bitrate, the lower the quality. Think of it like a movie. Say film runs at a speed of 32 frames/sec… Your eyes only pick up on 10 frames/sec… You can compress it by taking away 22frames/sec. & not notice any loss. You can go farther & see a little loss but you have a smaller movie. Music works the same way. Your ears only hear part of the music. A lot of people will tell you that you can go down to a 192bitrate & not hear any loss. If your listening to this music on a MP3 player with crappy little headphones a 128bitrate might work. If your listening to this music on a home stereo than a 128 bitrate will never be good enough(IMO). You really have to test out the different bitrates to see for yourself. Different encoders will make a difference too. Some do a better job of encoding. Good Luck!! :smiley:

P.S. Always use 44kHz

I’m using Power WMA MP3 converter, can the wma be set to VBR? I liked the small size of the 64kbs WMA files, but the quality is slightly lower than the 128kbs MP3’s. So is there a way (or a program) that can convert MP3 to VBR WMA’s? Thanks.