Optimum Online Security Dept. Is Calling Me Tomorrow!

Help! I’m a major (and compulsive) downloader, uploader and ftp’er and Optimum Online has now capped me twice. The first time, a special tech support guy released it, but now the security department is calling tomorrow to talk about it. Now from what I understand, they see everything as everything is logged. I need to tell them some story about why I’m uploading so much. I dont think bt or shareaza are too much of a problem because i limit the upload speed. I did upload for a day straight right before the cap though. What do I tell them if they can see every site I go to and every file that has come in? I thought of telling them that I back up to my office computer but ftp’s are not allowed. Then I thought that a computer right next to mine would be a good excuse, saying that I back up every other day, but they can see that there is no router! So maybe a remote connection transfer but I dont even know how that really works and I’ve heard it’s so slow that it probably wouldnt be that much bandwidth. Do I make up some story about emailing large files of photoshop, illustrator etc. Or maybe I can tell them that I cant talk about it or tell them what I’m doing because of investor secrets? Please help with ideas!

Good to be prepared, but you still do not really know what they gonna ask. Maybe it is not the bandwidth usage? maybe it is something else? Maybe they think you have commercial service on residential plan?
I guess third party cannot ask to look at your traffic logs, but they surely can :frowning:

Tell them you chose them after researching other providers, and selected them over Verizon because you were assured you can use the connection all the time :slight_smile:

well if they have ur log time’s you are gone cus you cant use i musted of been hacked :stuck_out_tongue: man i say just wait till they say what they are there for and when you find out then just be up front cus if you just give out some bs story and they take you to court over it it wont go that good. OYEA i would think that they are looking at you right now and well seen what you just posted up for everyone to read and help :rolleyes: so man just come out clean when they ask.

thanx for the replies. thats pretty freaky. They are definatly calling about the bandwidth. I wonder if that would work, to say that I dont know much about computers and dont have a firewall (so somebody else must have hacked in and set up an ftp). I dont know if they can tell that or even believe that. One thing I dont want is to come clean and violate the contract with them. I have a feeling I’ll get in more trouble by telling the truth. And obviously, I want to avoid court like the bubonic plague. Any other advice? Maybe I should just cut my losses and ignore the call while I live with the caps. Its about the same as verizon (535 down, 17 up) but I could be getting (1.1Mb down, and 115kbps down)

It wasnt me spyware did it! always a good one, just play dumb and say you keep getting viruses and stuff popping up all the time and a really laggy connection, tell em your brother and his mates come round every so often and go on your machine for a while.

First off, don’t panic. That will get you cooked faster than what you may or may not be doing.

Second, what did they say the first time they capped you? You cant claim ignorence if you previously admitted to something.

Also, remember that it is the Record companies who are doing the suing, not the providers. Besides, what do you have that they could take?

Personally, I would review my contract to see what I may have done. If they promised certain download and upload rates, then thats what you have a right to expect - unless it states some kind of limits, i.e. a maximum amount per 24 hour period.

They might suspect your running a server. Check to see if the contract prohibits that. Even so, admit nothing. Let them offer proof.

My guess is either they don’t want you using your connection for business (only because they probably offer business accounts), or they’re worried about themselves getting in trouble with the RIAA, in which case they’ll just try to scare you a bit. I’m no lawyer, but my guess is the worst they can do is drop you.And if they wanted to do that, they already would have.

With that in mind, if you have some uncontrolable impulsive desire to upload, consider paying for an account that allows that. You can’t play stupid next time.

So how did it go? Did they call you? Did they un-cap you? Please share your experience! I too use OOL, and I’m a moderate BitTorrent user, so I guess the question is not if, it’s more like when I’m gonna get capped…

Hi, it seems a couple people wanted to know what happened and how to deal with these Optimun online ppl. First off, they will cap you almost immediatly if you’re uploading for more than a few hours. It doesnt matter about the speed-it is the length of time spent. So if anyone wants to upload large files, I wouldn’t really restrict bandwidth but rather only slightly so you dont max out your max speed. Again restrict only slightly because you want to finish as quick as possible. I’ve stopped sharing altogether on shareaza. Another thing is that they wont or cant connect you to the security deptartment. THe techinal ppl are not qualified to tell you why there is a cap, these are special techs who you must ask for. Oh and the security dept. must call you. Dont know why-thats just how it is. Also you only need to speak to them if there is a cap put on you for the second time.
Now for what happened: As usual, if I can avoid a situation, I will, so I didnt pick up the call and they didnt call back. I waited two weeks, at which time I got heavily immersed in the secretive irc-fxp underworld; which by the way, irc is another breach of contract. I recently called them after two weeks and complained again about slow speeds and played really dumb but ‘eager to learn’ all these facinating code words like “bandwidth” and “router” I almost told them my coffee cup holder was broken (cd drive). Anywhoo, the tech guy which couldnt help before, reset my modem and the cap was released. So here’s the deal. Security is pressed for time and cant possible look at everyone so they are seemingly only on alert for a couple weeks after they cap you. Download speeds have no effect on restrictions they only worry about the ul. Good luck and by the way, it seems that everyone steals software and movies. If they don’t, they just havent learned how to yet.
About bittorrent, its cruel but stop seeding immediatly after finished and keep the max ul to 5kb or under, u probably know this, but u want to ul at 80% of ‘MINIMUM’ capacity to increase dl speeds. If you see high spikes in ur ul speed, look at the lowest spike and set ur speed at 80% of that. Oh and u will get capped eventually. I did right away from BT’s. I get 1.1mb down and 115kb up. After cap 545kb down and 15kb up. Maybe use this as a reference for the NY area.
If you feel bad about not seeding, the word on the street is that the guys from suprnova.org went underground after the shutdown and are creating “Exceem”. A decentralized BT network in which no sites are required to go to in order to find a Torrent. That will eliminate the need for sites and spread BT’s much further.

You know cableshit is the best company for when you call you that you will get a person on the phone that doesn’t know what they are talking about but they do know its your fault. Then don’t train them be nice and they don’t want any of them to have any brains. If you apply for a job as one of the so called first level techs (operator) and have to many brains you will not be hired. :eek: If you must talk to someone at the company that knows what they are talking about call one of the numbers they don’t want you to know about.
But only call if you know what your talking about. Do a Domain look up and call that number and you will get someone with a brain and he knows what hes talking about. :iagree:
I can’t wait for verizon’s new all fiber system so I can tell cable where to go. :bigsmile:

Cool, thanx for the heads-up!

I usually run my BT client late at night, for no more then 4 hrs. straight. I don’t limit the bandwidth. I’m wondering if the time of day matters, I’m also curious what the time limit is…

Ah cool, so I guess this whole “security dept” thing can be ignored. I think the whole gimmick is just to intimidate pple, anyway. Besides, I don’t d/load anything illegal, I just trade music bootleg recordings via BT, whish is legal. Besides due to the nature of BT, I doubt they can even tell what is it that you are sharing, anyway, it’s not like you’re ftp’ing files, which can be easily tracked and logged.

Actually I never noticed the relation between upload to d/load speeds on BT, but in any case, I really don’t want to limit my upload bandwidth, as the whole idea of BT is to share with the others. Besides, the BT site that I frequent keeps track of your u/d/load ratios, and in fact they have a limit beyond which your account is disabled, to prevent leeches from grabbing stuff and not sharing anything. And since they really care about the lenth of you keeping your upload going, I guess limithing the bandwith is irrelevant? BTW, how did you figure that they only monitor how long you keep the upload going, and not how much you’ve uploaded? Did someone at CV told you that?

So did you keep your torrents running around the clock when you got capped? I’m still curious how long you need to keep it going for them to take notice, and I’m also curious if this is an automatic thing, or does someone manually review the logs and then caps pple?

Also, since they just cap your modem, is it possible to uncap it on your own? I imagine there’s gotta be a way to just reset it to factory defaults. Though I’m not sure if it will stay ucapped, it may be a persistent setting pushed down by CV… I’d appreciate if anyone has more info on that.

I wonder, other then by using BT, would you even notice that your modem got capped? They do leave you with some bandwidth, but this is definitely not something I’d pay $50/month for.

I have a feeling that sooner or later, CV will block BT protocol for good. The technology for that is readily available, it’s just a matter of CV implementing it. So we better enjoy BT while it lasts…

:eek: Man, these ppl are starting to get hard core. I’m glad I read this before I went surching for more stuff. I use Rev-connect, and when I do I always leave the thing running for about 12 hrs. I don’t think I’ll do that anymore!

They dont know what the time limit is. It’s automaticly chosen by their system as a possible something-server etc. The ftp files are ssl. The limits u impose are definatly an issue and are very important to set correcty. Azures has an easy limiting tool and a statistics window to show u what ur limits are. I found a guy that said if u ul more than 130mb a week is a possible cap, but i haver no idea and i dont think they could tell u either.
“”“how did you figure that they only monitor how long you keep the upload going, and not how much you’ve uploaded? Did someone at CV told you that?”""
yes they did
‘’‘So did you keep your torrents running around the clock when you got capped?’’’
yes i did, but i got capped on the 4th day
‘’‘Also, since they just cap your modem, is it possible to uncap it on your own?’’’
do not do this. legal trouble and they will disconnect u immediatly
I noticed that right after they fixed the problem, I was transfering at 22megs a second down. Only for a few seconds, but damn those cheap bastards. Verizons new sys should kick booty.
‘’‘I wonder, other then by using BT, would you even notice that your modem got capped? They do leave you with some bandwidth, but this is definitely not something I’d pay $50/month for.’’’
no. bc u get the same speeds as verizon dsl or time warner cable
later guys

Sounds like the Dolans are doing to you what they did to the Knicks and the Rangers.

this is what you say:

i dont know what is the problem, every time i connect to the internet my computer starts to run really slow, then all these popups showup, and the machine crashes, whats wrong with my computer?