Optimum DVD+R DL Discs at Frys. Who makes them?



Hi Everyone,

I have been recommended to buy the Optimum DVD+R DL discs they sell at Frys.


He says that they are MKM discs like Verbatims. Is this true? What is the media code? I haven’t been able to find out online so I’d like someone’s insight. These discs are pretty much only sold at Frys.



The person giving you this advice may not be your best bet for reliable media recommendations :). No, they are not MKM discs. They have been CMCMAG D03. They may be made by another manufacturer next week. They will not be made by Verbatim. This is the chance you take buying media from brands that do not manufacture their own media. They are also sold at Meritline and others.


The short answer is no, they won’t be Verbatim. The answerer above has it nailed, and this producer of DL tends to be quite low grade, so expect a lot of failed burns.

I have been advised many times that Verbatim Dual Layer, due to how unique it is made, is the only reliable Dual Layer manufacturer. I can’t say the same in my experience, but that’s because of my funny burner set up.

Initially I went onto AOne Dual Layer discs - I had a lot of failures with them since I was new to burning Dual Layers. Now however, once I’ve got it nailed just right, I swear by them and only them. I’ve done a lot of DVD backups on them, and I have yet to have one fail or become unreadble.

However, you may wish if they are cheap enough to try them out - I wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them, but your DVD burner may like them :slight_smile:

Also: CMC media tends to be very sporadic. One spindle might be good, the next terrible - But like I said, try them out :slight_smile:


Also, this thread might be helpful:


In addition, try looking up scans and reviews of this MID code :slight_smile: