Optimum ATI Radeon 9600SE Settings?

Ok, I bought a Radeon 128MB DDR graphics card. I had a problem installing the drivers but I downloaded the hot fix for it. Anyways what are the best setting for the card. Are there any programs that tweak the card. Because the graphics card has slow downs in the games. I tested it out in Halo and CS and had drops in fps and slow downs.

Also I have a Intergraded SIS 32MB graphics card does that effect the Radeon. Because the Radeon uses the SIS AGP. Is there a way to have ATI AGP

Sony Vaio 2.4Ghz
Intel Pentium 4
Win XP
Radeon 9600SE

Should be no problems as long as the onboard is disabled in bios. I have an SIS onboard and I have no issues with it. If you are familiar with tweaking you might want to check out the rage3d tweak at www.rage3d.com

how do i disable it from BIOS

Originally posted by coasters
how do i disable it from BIOS

I never touched a VAIO system before, but I somehow suspect that on turning on the system, a Sony splashscreen is showed…right? If so, during this screen, push some buttons (escape, del, f1, f10 etc) and see what happens. Most probably the Sony screen will disappear and a screen with all kinds of system information will be shown. Look for a string saying “Press <key> to enter BIOS” or so. Push that key and most probably, you’re in.
Then browse through the possible settings to see if there’s an option to disable the onboard video.

ps It could be that on inserting an AGP card, the onboard video is automatically disabled!