Optimizing 2510A

I have burned about 200 discs with my NEC 2510a, using a configuration of DVDShrink, and NERO. I am now interested in optimizing burn times, encoding times. I can burn a disc in an average of 45 minutes, some in 20, so in an hour or so, and I burn at 4X, as i use sonic media that i have found for excellent prices, and since I haven’t burned but two coasters in 200, due to configurations, I cant complain at all about the media.

I have seen threads about DVD decryptor, and myriad other encoding programs.

Anyone have a setup they like best for an encoding program and then a burning program? I have tried DVDXCOPY platinum etc, but i found the one step from read to burn with the setup i have was great, as i have two drives.

Any suggestions on enhancing speeds with different applications would be greatly appreciated.


i use the same set up you have…dvdshrink and nero…for burns if you want to overburn to 8x then try herries latest beta5 firmware that overspeeds most media to 8x while keeping pretty good quality…if your just after quality withoput overspeeding then mad dogs firmware are very good for quality…whichever of these firmwares you decide make sure you get one with riplock removed as this will decrease dvdshrink times as it can read from drive faster or if you go the other route by ripping film to hdd first then converting then it will reduce the ripping times…other than that your set up is fine…

I use DVD2one with AnyDVD running in the background (no need to rip to the hard drive) CopyToDVD to burn (Runs seamlessly with with DVD2one)
This setup is very fast and great quality.Some people say Shrink is better quality than DVD2one but I don’t see this and I am very happy with it.

Compressing on the fly 9-18 mins depending on size of original disc.Burn time about 9.30 mins @ 8x.
Total time 18.30 mins - 27.30 mins. :smiley:

Can only agree with this, bamo :cool:

Are you using 8x media Bamo, or have you changed your firmware? Thanks all for your info

I’m using Herrie’s 107v2b5dl firmware considered to be the best.
I am now using 8x media as they are easily available now but did burn all my 4x @ 8x or 6x with varying degrees of success.
Hope this helps.

drno_1 hello neighbor…i’m in Springfield,MO

Due to this varying degree of success, I wouldn’t recommend to overspeed burns except for some testing or, when you can do 8X, restrict yourself to 6X (Ricoh R01, ritek G04).

I constantly burn my Taiyo Yuden at certified speed and am happy with the resulting keepers considering the excellent scans I get spending 5 more minutes on burning time.

Hello! Went to school at SMSU for a while, know that area well.

I was not so much wanting to change my firmware, although I am intrigued by it for sure, but wanted to see if different encoding programs would yield quicker results. I am very happy with the quality and consistency of DVDShrink and NERO, and as i said, i can usually copy a DVD in about 40 minutes average, with some much quicker, and a few a little slower. What i think i need to do is use some diagnostics to track my speeds, i think i have seen some on the boards here…then make some decisions on changing software based on that. When i run out of 4x disks, im buying some 8x I have found for 33c apiece, to see if they are as reliable as the 4x i have been burning with for a long while now.

Again, thanks to all for information, and keep the suggestions coming please…

drno_1 i’m using the same firmware as Bamo is. If you flash to it your drive will report as a 2500 which is no problem to me and others. Good firmware for 4X burning at 8X but i usually burn 4X ricoh01’s at 6X. You can run your own tests and see what you think. What kind of media is the 4X you use? TY02’s 8X is a good disk to use for quality burns. I’m using Clonedvd2 & Anydvd. Transcoding and burn times same as Bamo.