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okay my lite-on SOHW-1633S is connected to my laptop via firewire, my primary ide channel is my hard drive, secondary is the factory dvd/cd drive, and my liteon is connected through texas istruments OHCI complient IEEE 1394 host contoller, with Prolific PL3507 combo device (1394 ATAPI_rev 1.00) IEEE SBP2 Device. how can i speed this drives speed up my burst rate is 5.37m/s and i have xp sp2 and i already tried to use the old firewire settings solution from microsoft…how can i turn dma with this?or can i?
im kinda new so if you need anything else just ask.

Dump the factory drive and replace it with the Lite-On if you want speed and reliability.

and how would i do that…im down for that
also would i be able to access the factory drive if i needed to?

can i?


Just remove the old drive and replace it with the Lite-On. Lite-On can read CDs and DVDs. Note that the Secondary IDE channel can support up to two devices. However, there is no need to keep the old CD/DVD drive.

The Primary IDE channel can also support two devices.

this is a laptop, how do i remove the drve, and the lite-on is in an external case. also how do i setup the ide channel to go to the lite-on

Furballi don’t always read good before he speaks, but I heard tell he has a chain saw and can fit any drive into anything. :eek: :bigsmile:

I wouldn’t place a whole lotta weight on burst rate tests. How does the drive actually perform? Write speeds OK?

no i’d say about3 or 4X with the proper media

under dvd/cd drives in device manager should it say Lite-on or Prolific PL3507 combo device, becuase its prolific,

I don’t think you’ll find any DMA settings. (AFAIK, DMA is automatic on Firewire)

I get more or less the same burst rates on IDE as I do on my Prolific firewire box. (20-23)
Have you looked at things like IRQ sharing on the controller? Some people have problems with controllers that don’t play well with burner boxes.

i dont really know much about it. i dont even know where to start looking. i checked in ide controls and nothing about irq

Sharing IRQ (Interrupt Request) can sometimes cause issues with bandwidth. It really depends on what is being shared.

System Information - Hardware resources - Conflicts/Sharing

If your Firewire controller is showing as sharing, what is it sharing with? On the same tree, you will see an entry for IRQ, where you can see all the IRQ assigments.

There’s not a lot you can do to affect IRQ sharing in Windows, as Windows does the assigning. But, turning off unused devices in BIOS can cause assignments to shift around. So, for example if you turn off an unused serial or parallel port, all the IRQ assigments can shift and maybe elliminate a conflict.

If, for example, your Firewire controller is sharing IRQ with something that’s busy, it could create conflicts. Something like a modem or LAN card, video card, etc. It’s just something to rule out. Laptops have notoriously limited bandwidth on the PCI bus, which is where everything runs.

You might wind up changing the Firewire controller in hopes of getting one that plays nice with the external box.

To rule out issues with the drive and box, take it to another computer and test it.