Optimising Torrent Downloads

Hi, Im new to torrent downloads and am using azureus. I was just wondering what I have to do to optimise my downloading speeds/times?

My cuurent downloads speeds are not exceeding around 15kb/s. I have heard people can get in the region of 50kb/s+ download speeds. Am i doing something wrong?

I would appreciate any help or advice on this topic.

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There is a few things that you would have to look out for.

  1. What is your Ratio (If you are using the latest version it should be on the bottom)?
  2. Are you behind a firewall or using and routers?
  3. How may seed and peers do you have for the torrent?

I’d grab a copy of Utorrent 1.6, as it is far more efficient than Az. Plus, I’m biased.

If you are using a router, I would set it to forward the port you have identified in the software. For example, if you had port 31332 identified in Utorrent, set your router to forward port 31332 to the IP address of the computer in use.

Utorrent has a function under the Options menu called SPEED GUIDE that is basically a wizard that helps optimize the connection based on the speeds you have.

I have a 1.5mb/384k DSL connection and have it set to an UPLOAD CAP of 30 under the OPTIONS, PREFERENCES, CONNECTION, BANDWIDTH LIMITING, GLOBAL MAXIMUM UPLOAD RATE.

Under the BITTORRENT NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS area, I have it set to 200, 50, 4 for the Global Maximum Number Of Connections, Maximum Number of Connected Peers Per Torrent and Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent, respectively.

Under Queueing, Max number of Active Torrents (upload or download) is set to 8 and Max Number of Active Downloads is set to 6.

That seems to do it.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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