Optimal Writing Speed

I would like to have the opinion of CDFreaks on the optimal speed of writing on a DVD meant to be played in a standalone. I have come across a view according to which standalones have reading problems with DVDs written in a higher speed.

My personal experience in this respect: Backup made on Taiyo Yuden written @8x hangs, freezes. Same content, same media written @6x could be played flawlessly on the standalone.
Another aspect: Ricoh written @8x (same content), played also without any problems.

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I have always burned at the rated speed (2X, 4X, 8X) for both -R and +R and never had a problem on our ancient four year old Panasonic player.

Media is always TY, MCC or RicohJPN.

Your success, or lack of it, is completely dependant on your hardware and media. There is no such thing as a “best” burning speed. Every player is different, and if there are ANY problems, it’s a sign that the player just does not like recordable discs. It’ll be cheaper in the long run to just replace the player with one that can play anything. Some players are so bad, they reject anything but the most excellent discs. What if your discs degrade a bit over time, then they will no longer be readable.

Burning speed is not the issue, burn quality is. What speed gives the best quality will vary greatly depending on the burner and the media.

rdgrims is pretty much describing a Zenith Allegro ABV341 I have sitting here. I can have a totally beautiful scan on Ritek DVD+R 4x disc burned at 4x and it’ll sit there and skip and stutter at various parts of the disc. Throw that same disc in my XBox or Sylvania stand-alone and it plays through flawlessly. Like rdgrimes said, if you’re coastering those discs, chances are when you get a new DVD Player that supports all formats properly that unit won’t have any issues playing those same discs you threw away. :slight_smile:

Your player is Pioneer DV-575A (your sig)? I believe it can play everything because I have the older model DV-656A and works excellent since 4 years ago. It plays every media set to max speed, ie TYT02 8x @16x, RicohjpnR01 4x @8x, R02 8x @12x etc. Since I think you got a great player, you might want to get a better burner that can burn excellent quality at higher speed.

Thanks a lot for the replies and useful advice.

The most interesting thing is that the DVD-Rs 8x (Taiyo Yuden) have the same problem in both of my standalones: Philips DVP720SA and the Pioneer DV-575A. Both Players are one of the best in their category and reading all existing type of media (checked). Both of them having problems only with -R burnt at 8x (media burnt at lower speed are played without any problems, as I have mentioned earlier). All DVD+Rs (RICOH, ProDisc) burnt at 8x are played flawlessly in both players. Interesting because Philips prefers “+”, Pioneer prefers “-”, as we all know.


  1. I wanted to watch one of my older backups burnt on Sony DVD-R (Mitsubishi Chemicals) with Matsushita UJ-811 at 2x. Result: freezing, skipping at the end of the backup (???). Played flawlessly in my ex-standalone Daewoo DV 1091 (???).
  2. DVD-Rs (Taiyo Yuden) burnt at 8x and skipping, freezing in both my standalones played flawlessly in PS2 as well as XBOX (???).
  3. Burner used: Toshiba SD-R5272 (ver. 1031).
  4. Software: AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (both latest version).

Zevia: Yes, it is a Pioneer in my sig (great player, btw).


Problem solved. The solution lied in setting the writing speed.
The problem, though, is “complex”. Will share with you my experience, will post in CloneDVD sub-forum, 'cause it has to do with the burning software and the media used.