Optimal settings for MPEG4



ok, I figured out the majority of the issues to get DVDs to play good on the WD HD unit and get thumbnails. My question is what are the optimal settings for highest resolution in MPEG4 format with DVD Fab? Space is not an issue since they are going on a TB drive. I am using the PS3 setting to get Mpeg4 format with 2 passes. A screenshot would be great if possible. Is there another setting that does MPEG4 other than PS3? Thanks again for all the help.


For a PS3 only why bother with mpeg4? Use the original vob file and retain the entire original resolution. My understanding is the PS3 easily reads a vob file from a hard drive.


I don’t have a PS3, I have a WD HD. With the MPEG4 format, I can drop it into Itunes and add the cover art.


The resolution you seek is best determined by what you wish to view the file on. Since you were using the PS3 setting I thoght the PS3 was the unit being used to play the file.

MPEG4 can also be done in the iPhone/iTouch. There are other encodings possible with the mpeg format such as H.264. I don’t have the my files in front of me but to increase the resolution and remain in mpeg just increase the video bit rate.

Remember depending and what you plan on viewing the file in is important, since an increase in resolution does not always mean an increase in quality. The video quality is dependent upon the display device as well. For example a video encoded at 1800kbps is a better resolution than one encoded at 900kbps, however if you play them both on an iPhone you simply can’t tell the difference. Other than one file is a lot larger than another.

My DVDFab is on my home computer, and so are some of the files I have played with to see what the best resolution for me would be. I will have to look at those to give you my answer, unless somebody else answers you first. What do you plan to view this files on?


if you dont care about size, just experiment. keep adjusting the fixed bit rate higher and higher. the higher you go the better the picture, longer conversion time and bigger file size.

i dont know what a wd hd is, but if its a device to play your mp4’s, you will need to find out what the max bit rate that device will play. i believe itunes itself has no max, but i could be wrong on that.


Oh yeah and remember the max resolution on a standard DVD is 720 X 480, of course that will not mean its a better image resolution if you bitrate is small. The larger the resolution the larger bit rate will be required, however to much bit rate simply gives a bloated file with more information that can ever be displayed. Total waste of space.

Kingpn69 I think WD HD = Westwern Digital Hard Drive. Probably an external hard drive used for storage.


I had a brain bubble, it is a WD TV (http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=572). So I am actually watching the DVDs on a 42" 1080p flat panel HDTV through the WD TV unit off of an external USB hard drive.


Your TV resolution is 1920 X 1080 however your standard DVD is 740 X 480. I would encode in MPEG4 H.264 which this device claims to be able to play. this would also allow you to add your video voer art to the file via iTunes. So what you really need to know is the what is the highest bit rate for a resolution of 740 X 480 before you start wasting space.

I have seen a graph somewhere on the net that showed this but I simply can’t remember where it was.

This seems to be just the interface between the TV and the hard drive. What size and speed is the hard drive you of hooked up to this. Sounds like a cool device.


So is the PS3 setting in Fab the one I am supposed to be using or is there another way to convert to MPEG4 with Fab? Sorry, I am a newbie in converting dvds.


i just sent you a private message. check that, then come back and let me know how it went.


You can convert to MPEG4 H.264 using the iTouch setting as well, however I don’t know if you can get the original resolution as the standard vob file, but on a 42" TV it probably does not matter.

Go to the iPhone/iTunes settings and encode using h.264. Just do 1 chapter of a movie to experiment till you find which bit rate is best for your size TV. How fast is the hard drive that you are using and what size is the hard drive. If you go to a high bitrate the hard drive needs to be able to keep up or else I think you might get hiccups on your playbacks.


Kingpn69 can you get a resolution using MPEG that equals that of the original vob file?

This device also seems to only play two channel audio from the reviews I was looking at.


OK, I used the AppleTV setting since it seems to give good options for resolution and I ASSUME it is designed for viewing on a TV. Attached is the screenshot of the settings I am trying. Anything look off?


The user manual on the device says that it support MPEG2 in a VOB file. Unless you are hurting for drive space, I’d try VOB Passthrough to keep the original audio and video quality. If you are using the optical audio output then you should also be able to take advantage of the AC3 Dolby 5.1 audio on most DVDs.


Looks like the WD TV does not output 5.1, thats a big bummer. However I do agree with you on using the vob passthrough this would keep the original video quality and allow the box to upscale it to 1080i.


Looks like the WD TV does not output 5.1, thats a big bummer. However I do agree with you on using the vob passthrough this would keep the original video quality and allow the box to upscale it to 1080i.[/quote]

The way the manual reads, only stereo is available through the HDMI cable but Dolby 5.1 is available if you use the optical out to an amp.


I missed that little detail. The big queston left for me then is does it have a 2gb limit on file size and if so can you get it to read a multi file vob.


It does not appear to have a size limit. So how do I set up DVD Fab to get it into VOB?


I found the VOB setting, but can it open in Itunes so I can add the cover art?


VOB Passthrough used to be a profile under generic. You can install it as a new device with its own button on the DVD to Mobile list or there is a VOB Passthrough option under PS3, which you may also have to install. See the Tutorial, DVD to Mobile, scroll down to Adding New Devices. I notice from your Apple TV settings that your are using DVDFab to upscale. Much better to let the TV or player do it from the VOB.