Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found!

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I was trying to back up a copy of my King of Queens Season 1, where i decided to use AnyDVD and DVD decypter. I had all files extracted to my hard drive and wanted to burn with ImgBurn. I clicked on the .mds file from the extract and proceded to burn. I got that message on my log in ImgBurn. Isn’t the data zone and layer break information all found in the mds file? Can anyone help me to finish up this copy?

Can someone help me?

Why are you using AnyDVD?

Are you doing a 1:1 backup to a DL+R?

Are you using Imgburn 2.0?

If doing 1:1. Rip with DVD Decryptor on its own (or DVD Decryptor with RipIt4Me in ISO mode if the disc has Arcoss). Then burn in Imgburn 2.0 by selecting the MDS file.

Why have DVD? Imgburn reads and writes now?

It is still better to rip 1:1 using DVD Decryptor so the layer change is the same as the original (the optimal one). If you create a DL DVD using Imgburns build mode. The layer change might end up in a different place.

Anyway, RipIt4Me is still needed to create a Arcoss ISO. It leaves the Arcoss untouched and makes it 1:1. If the Arcoss is taken out (Full DVD mode) then it won’t be 1:1 anymore and the layer change will again be in a different place.