Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found (VTS_01) - Image not mastered correctly

What does this ImgBurn error mean? What can I do to fix it? I have never seen this before. I use DVDD in ISO Read mode to copy the disc to the hard drive. Then I use (in this case trying to use) ImgBurn to put it on a Verbatim DVD+R DL.

1.) when you ripped with dvd decrypter you got a MDS and an ISO file, correct?

2.) did you load the MDS file in ImgBurn?

3.) and what you’re trying to burn is a dual layer rip, correct (ie greater than 4 and a half GB or so?)

4.) what version of ImgBurn are you running?

5.) what movie was it that you ripped? maybe someone has the same experience here.

The error message looks clear to me. Do not continue to burn or you’ll get a coaster.

A similar question was asked and answered HERE.

Answers within the quote.

when i asked if what you ripped was dual layer i meant the SOURCE disc and not what you are burning to.

that error message basically states there is no layer break information within the file which led me to believe that the source disc may have been single layer (which is even more likely if it’s an older disc as you said)

is it possible that the source disc (ie the original DVD) is only single layer? That’s the only reason I can think of that DVDD wouldn’t include layer break information…if there was none to include!

also, check your dvd decrypter settings and make sure you haven’t unchecked or checked anything that deals with the layer break. I’m not at home so i can’t check my settings, but there should be a section about the layer break…

i can double check for you in a few hours when i get home.

if you’re not sure what the default settings were then it wouldn’t hurt to uninstall and redownload the program (can’t remember if DVDD has a “revert to default settings” button or not)

The source disc is a DL. Otherwise this message would not appear in the first place.

There is layer break info. The error message “None of the cells meet the ‘DVD-Video specification’ criteria for a potential layer break position.” simply means there’s no cell suitable to set the given LB position, which must be aligned with an ECC block.

Make sure that in Imgburn you set to ‘Calculate Optimal’ in Layer break option.

Rerip again with Decrypter using Default settings in ISO mode. Burn with Imgburn. If you get this message again, then rip in File mode. Use PgcEdit to set the layer break position and create the ISO (in File menu).