Optimal IDE set-up: DVR 109, DVD ROM, 2 HDD

Hello All,

I found a really good article through the forums about maximizing IDE arrangements, but I have run into an inconsistency when altering a Dell that I want to sort out.

I am installing my DVR 109 and removing my CD-RW. I will also be adding a second HDD in the next week once a bracket arrives. My proposed configuration is:

Primary IDE:

Master = 40GB HDD (currently installed)
Slave = 80GB HDD

Secondary IDE:

Master = DVD-RW
Slave = DVD-ROM

I will not be burning on-the-fly. My confusions arises over whether I should switch to “Cable Select” once I install 80 wire cables. I have seen articles encouraging the master-slave arrangement but I have read on this forum that Dell products need to be configured in “Cable Select.” Which is the better arrangement?

Thanks for you help.


thats fine, use master and slave where possible :slight_smile:

cable select sometimes tends to give problems. best use master/slave settings