Optimal IDE set-up: 2 HDD, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM



Hello All,

I found a really good article through the forums about maximizing IDE arrangements, but I have run into an inconsistency when altering a Dell that I want to sort out.

I am installing my DVR 109 and removing my CD-RW. I will also be adding a second HDD in the next week once a bracket arrives. My proposed configuration is:

Primary IDE:

Master = 40GB HDD (currently installed)
Slave = 80GB HDD

Secondary IDE:

Master = DVD-RW
Slave = DVD-ROM

I will not be burning on-the-fly. My confusions arises over whether I should switch to “Cable Select” once I install 80 wire cables. I have seen articles encouraging the master-slave arrangement but I have read on this forum that Dell products need to be configured in “Cable Select.” Which is the better arrangement?

Thanks for you help.



Shouldn’t matter.


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