Optimal Hardware Configuration



I have an athlon 3000+ processor, with 1 gig of pc2700 ram. the motherboard is MSI k8n neo4 platinum. With one harddrive (partitioned into 3 partitions) on IDE1 (primary). Got a NEC 3520a on IDE2 (primary). Just got another NEC 3520a. Where should I hook the second burner to to get optimal performance? I want to be able to burn both writers at the same time if possible. If not, i can burn using one writer a then rest the other, then burn b and rest a, etc…


Put it as slave on your IDE 1…you will be able to copy on the fly if needed…


If you’re asking the optimal configuration, then in my opinion, all drives (hard drives and optical drives) should be on seperate IDE channels. For example: HDD @sata or IDE controller, ODD1 @IDE0/master, ODD2 @IDE1/master.

roadworker suggestion above is good only for direct on the fly or diskcopy (without cache) and your second opt (burn-rest-burn-rest). Burning data from hdd simultaneosly to both 3520 will be a problem, unless you’re fine with 4-6x speed only.


Both NECs on the second IDE cable in a Master/Slave config.