Optimal downloading?

Hi all,

This question probably gets asked a lot, but I have searched through the posts and can’t really find an answer.

I have an ADSL connection and am downloading with Limewire Pro. So far 51kbs is my best speed, though every now and then I see it jump (very briefly) to 70 or even 100kbs, then back to 51 pretty quickly. Is there some way I can get steady 100kbs downloading? How do you find the optimal set up?

I am not accessing through a network; this is my home PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes I has been asked before!!! I haven’t used Limewire Pro for a long time (Years ) and by now It’s more then likely completely different to when I used it last. When I used it I found the best way to do it was to read the Help file in Limewire and the Tutorial on the Limewire Web site and managed to get steady maximum download speed.