Optimal Burning Speeds (CD-R)

I have been skimming and searching through those forums for a few days now and I learned a lot so far :bow:.

I was especially interested in the relation between burning speeds and burn quality. For DVD+R I found out that burning with my old NEC ND-3520A burner on cheap Platinum-CMG media it’s best to go with 8x. With my new Samsung SH-S203D on Verbatim MCC004 for example I can safely go with 12x as far as I found out. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I found so far.

Though it’s a lot more difficult to find information about burning speeds of CD-R. At the moment I am using 16x for Audio CD’s and 32x for Data CD’s. This is with the NEC ND-3520A on cheap Platinum media. Is there any difference burning with a Samsung SH-S203D on Verbatim datalife pastel (Taiyo Yuden) 52x media? I heard people mentioning 24x to be optimal, but I might be wrong completely here.

The best I found was this thread:

Anyway I am really looking for some more advice on CD-R burning speeds with different drives/disks.

I usually go with 24x-32x for data, and 16x for audio with good quality discs, with a variety of burners.

Seems to do the trick for me, so I don’t go any lower than that. :slight_smile:

I agree with Arachne. I find that there are few exceptions to the burn Audio CD at 16x and burn Data CD at 24-32x rule of thumb (but exceptions do exist).

Burning at 48x (and higher) can result in bad burns even with very good media or very good burners, unless the media and burner is very well matched. Burning at 40x will generally result in usable results but 32x is safer.

Burning at 24x (when supported) is often the best compromise between quality and speed.

Burning at 16x is usually the fastest CLV speed (except for a few drives) and usually provides the best chance of lowest possible Jitter, which can be important for Audio CDs.

Burning slower than 16x rarely produces better results (and sometimes worse results) except when using laptop burners and/or older CD-R media rated slower than 16x.